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TV Passes and how do i end up paying for one, without realising?

Just wondering how i was paying for a TV Pass for the last 4 months, without knowing?

I have not even watched or used now tv hub etc. Never have.

So anyone know how this could happen?

Have been with now tv for over a year, and only joined for the broadband, i know when i first joined, they throw passes at you and i had to pick one otherwise i could not use them - yep free for a certain time.  I cancelled the tv pass straight away with no issues and since have only paid for the broadband / phone. 

Have to say that i do not bother with any emails from now tv regarding anything and my own fault i had not bothered to check my bills.

I know they do like to operate a bit below the belt, to me dubious in what they do. Well if you decide to stop having something from them, their so called easy cancellation process, seems to be sneaky in that you have to keep clicking to cancel at different stages. If you are honest, then the first cancel button you click should be enough. 

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@Anonymous User 


Well BC


Whenever you have anything online going, you have to keep an eye on it coz' you'll never know when one of 'em will change policy and decide that their profit margin is better than having customer trust in their services.


Just remember, your financial well being will always be down to you alone.



UK Bob


PS. In the meantime, contact Now TV's text chat at: 


and try to get your money back.


Scholar 3

@Anonymous User  What happens quite often is you press cancel ( then you think that’s it ) but before it’s cancelled you get a message telling you what your getting for your money and do you Still want to cancel, you then have to press cancel again . It may then offer you a discount and again it asks if you still want to cancel and you have to press yes.

I was wondering if this happened and you didn’t notice it , which may be why you’re still being charged.