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Is "Flack" show coming on here?



Weekend TV Guide recommends the "Flack" series which it said was on catch up on Sky & NOWTV.

Can see it on SKY but no sight of it here. Is it coming?


From SKY

"Academy Award-winning actor Anna Paquin ('True Blood') stars in this six-part drama as London-based American PR executive Robyn. Sharp and witty, Robyn is an expert at her craft, but struggles to make a success of her personal life in a city where problems can spiral – and go viral – in an instant."

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Do any NOWTV staff still monitor these forums?

Expert 2

Do any NOWTV staff still monitor these forums??






You hardly ever get any Now TV rep offering any assistance on here anymore. Considering that you cannot contact them by telephone, and the live chat team do not know anything and do not deviate from a script and emails go unanswered, it is a very poor show.


For the amount that Now TV charge for this buggy low tech streaming service you would think that they would try and up their value with good customer care.


Once GoT is over I am cancelling all passes. My whole continue watching tab has disappeared and now tv is not interested in the slightest.

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Yes, like @Lindzi  mentions it does seem very rare for the Now TV Mods to pop-up and answer questions on here....... you did have a few regulars that would jump in and regularly help, especially with content stuff, but you wonder if they are still there or have been told not to help in that way anymore because their absence is certainly noticed, I still tag some of them in to the odd query that I post about content in the hope that they may still be doing stuff behind the scenes, but who knows??????  We are all left to try and help ourselves!!!


With regards Flack, I'm guessing because the W Channel is not on Now TV, the catch-up of episodes would therefore not be on Now TV....... maybe your TV Guide made the mistake of lumping Sky and Now TV together with their statement of availability forgetting that you do have ocassions where the content does differ??

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Hi Geluk, 


We can see no specific date for flack being added to NOW TV. 

NOW TV do have some variations from sky services on what we are able to stream. 


Cara T


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You can watch it via the UKTV app.