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Payment not taken

As usual the payment in my account is not taken, I updated the card details but it is still not coming through the only thing that comes through are the NOWTV emails asking me to pay.

The chat funcionality only allows you to speak with a bot that is unable to help.

When I call I am disconnected and not able to speak with anyone to make a payment.

Is this the worst company on the planet? I mean... I am just trying to pay... You would imagine that should be easy to achieve...

Can someone help?

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Is this for broadband, or TV services? For the former, call 0330 332 3050; the latter via the green chat online button near the top of the page here.

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Only other customers like @redchiz1 and myself can help.

See the post by @redchiz1 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help