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Gambling adverts

I've just signed up again to NowTV and am really surprised by the number of gambling adverts - I get the same ones over and over again and it is a total waste of time. The gambling aware warning message is also only flashed up for a couple of milliseconds so it cannot be read. 


Gambling is addictive and the warning should be much more visible.  It is also a total waste of time advertising these gambling services to someone like me who never has/will gamble.

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Elite 3

NOW TV are free to carry any advertising which complies with UK regulations. Sky Sports, unsurprisingly, is a particularly popular target for gambling firms. You can avoid advertising on most On Demand content by subscribing to the NOW Boost. 


I don't dispute that NowTv is allowed to do this, I was providing feedback about my customer experience. I'm on entertainment package, not sports by the way.