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Chicago PD - no subtitles

Having watched both Chicago Fire and Chicago Med with subtitles, I am now moving onto Chicago PD - there are no subtitles for Seasons 1-5,making it hard to watch and enjoy.


Any reason?

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Am so disappointed to tune into Chicago P.D. to find that there are no subtitles. Watched Fire And Med both of which had intermittent subtitles. Struggled through those episodes but the mumbling in P.D. defeats me. I live with severe tinnitus but empathise with the deaf community. We are paying for this broadcast so is there any reason why every episode of every programme is not subtitled?

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I noticed that too..some episodes are really hard to understand. Apparently even season 6 doesn't have them. 


What the hell Now Tv - you used to have all subtitles!! And even on live TV. I just dont get this approach they chose!