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The new Kids Month Pass is here!

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Disney channel

hi guys now Disneylife has closed do you think NowTV will get the Disney channel back?

Turn off autoplay

Now TV automatically plays the next episode after 10 seconds, which creates a problem for parents. The app needs to be urgently updated, otherwise the only way to control the kids viewing habits is to cancel our subscription. NetFlix has this as an o...

free mobile pass wont work

I have just activated my free mobile month sports pass but when i select a programme it says i need a pass????  i go back and enter it again, then it tells me, im sorry but that pass has already been used :~(  think this is a load of b@@@@  they do s...

Xbox 360 App???

After signing up to the 4 month trial I've gone onto my 360 today to put scooby doo on for my son who's home ill only to find there's no section for the Kids TV. The app updated before loading so I thought there'd be no issue but I've now got a very ...

Kids section not showing in live tv EPG

Ive just purchased one of the new boxes (4500) with the live tv tuner, ive noticed within the EPG, sky movies, entertainment channels show up but not the kids channels, will this happen in the future? RegardsJason

Cannot buy kids 6 month pass

I have the kids package but want to buy a 6 month pass instead of paying 2.99 a month but the website wont let me, keeps going to the kids tv page, will let me cancel my subscription but wont let me add it on, why is this?

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