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Kids section not showing in live tv EPG

Ive just purchased one of the new boxes (4500) with the live tv tuner, ive noticed within the EPG, sky movies, entertainment channels show up but not the kids channels, will this happen in the future?




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Legend 5

@Anonymous User my suspicion is it is excluded as the kids zone is supposed to be a safe area for kids. I am actually surprised that kids is in the Now App at all rather than having its own app.
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Hi @Anonymous User


As @4268 has mentioned above, as the Kid's content is housed within a special area of the NOW TV App, this won't show up on the EPG. This is to stop kid's accessing content that may not be relevant for them.




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Sorry, I don't understand this answer - they can access grown up content and freeview TV chanels from the EPG but not the kids chanels? I'm not sure how excluding 50% of the only content they are interested in somehow protects them? If a parent allows them access to the EPG, clearly they can access what they like? This is a layer of protection that simply adds nothing but frustration!


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You know R


Probably a techie without kids thought that closing off the kids area the EPG was a good idea, it's obvious that they need to find a techie that has some kids to re-write that current "nonsense". 


Plus, as you know, nothing teaches like experience (of raising kids).



UK Bob