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Hi I need help with my broadband I believe that my neighbour is using my broadband with out my say so I have changed now hub and there still using it as I  have devices that  I don’t I recognised so I don’t know what to do as it is so angry as I struggle to pay for my broadband not for someone else to use it 

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You need to do a factory reset to the router.

Then change the password on the router.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Thomas7469 

From the NOW Router webpage Settings under I believe the Maintenance tab, attached devices is there devices saying unknown ?

And is that the reason you think this is unauthorised devices on your network? 

Or are the devices actually named with a Mac address? 

If they are showing "unknown" then this is maybe a device or devices you haven't accounted for but are your connected devices where the NOW Routers and Sky Routers can't fully id them.

Apparently it's common with both the NOW and Sky Routers (see discussion on the Sky Community Broadband Forum link below) where I also see a few unknown devices from my NOW Router attached devices. 

If they are named devices attached to your network and the Mac address is not one of your devices, then change the NOW Router password.


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As the previous replies say, just change you Wi-Fi password, they won't be able to get in then.

Although unless they have had physical access to your router, or you have given them the password, I doubt they can access it.