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Stopped move from Now TV broadband, line still being cancelled

I'm currently with NowTV broadband, decided to move away to Vodafone. Having difficulty signing up to them I cancelled the move by contacting Now TV, they said the'd cancelled the move and I could stay on no problems. I checked on my account but they only stopped the broadband cancelling and my phone line and call package still showed as going to be cancelled.


I contacted them again and they said they could see the error and it would be sorted in a day or 2. That was Wednesday, it's still showing as going to be cancelled and as the switch date was to be 27 March I'm worried I'm now not going to have phone or broadband come this date. As I've been told twice now it's been sorted and hasn't and I'm running out of time.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


The Community Forum is predominantly used by customers like ourselves, so i doubt anybody on the Community could help you with this matter and you would need to get back in touch with the NowTV Broadband Team for reassurances that your NowTV Broadband & Phone service will not be cancelled.


I am guessing you have checked to see if there is any update shown on your account on here under My Account > Message Centre or My Account > Orders & Appointments or My Account > Broadband & Calls or My Account > Bills & Payments that NowTV have actioned your request to remain on their service ?