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Account & Billing


NOW Account Help and Information

  How do I create a NOW Account? If you're new to NOW you'll need to create an account in order to access all of our great content. Follow these simple steps to sign up.   How do I use My Account? We've changed the way My Account looks. See this link...

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GDPR News and Info - 25th May 2018

Hi All,   As you may be aware GDPR comes into effect on the 25th May. For more information on what GDPR means for you as a customer of NOW TV please take a look at our help article here:   If you have a ...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Has anyone’s account ever activated at midnight? Or did it not activate at all I’m getting paronoid my activation date is today (04/06/19) and it’s 8:30 apparently it can take until midnight but seems a bit strange and I need it tomorrow morning so w...

Starting up fee

Hi I am new to now tv I didn't realise I had to pay £40 on the day I went live? I have swapped now and have no internet or land line and don't get paid untill next week. I'm stuck and can't believe I didn't see that.

Cancelling broadband order with NowTV

I am in the process of moving locally where I live and my existing broadband provider, could not provide broadband to where I am moving too. I ordered broadband with NowTV and used the option to transfer my existing home phone number on their website...

How can I change my pass?

I’ve recently one the 3 month nowtv pass and have activated the entertainment pass.There is nothing I enjoy on there and was wondering how I could change to a cinema pass if possible .Thanks

NowTV wont let me cancel my passes

Hi, I wish to cancel any existing passes on my account. I have followed the steps on the main help page but whenever I click on the 'Cancel Pass' button, the page simply refreshes and nothing happens. I wish to remove all existing passes on my accoun...


My payment for my passes are due to come of the 4th of June. If I cancel them now the 1st or June will I still be charged for them?

Been given wrong pass

I’ve taken a free trial of the entertainment pass but when I log in it’s the cinema pass instead. i double checked the confirmation email which says that it’s entertainment so what’s going wrong?

Someone used my email to get a free week of NOWTV?

Someone used my email to get themselves a free week of NOWTV but now I keep getting emails about how “my NOW TV Month Pass didnt go through”, I managed to change the password to access the account but it won’t let me delete the pass until the payment...

Free Passes

Be careful when taking up the so called free pass. I signed up on the evening of 6th May and on the 11th £19.98 had been taken unauthorised out of my account. Customer service can’t seem to see a problem that only 5 days after signing that money has ...