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I got a message that i m overdue with a bill but the direct debit is working fine and taken on 1st may ? And the next is due on the 1st june so not missed a bill! 

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Was this checking your bank statement or the bills & payment section on your NOW online account?

If it's from your NOW online account my payments section I would double check your bank statement to see if the money was taken.

My father thought his payments was up to date by checking his NOW online account, but because he messed up adding his new bank card the actual payments didn't go through even though the NOW online account payment section said otherwise.

Or perhaps the message was sent in error if it was an email or should have gone to another customer which I have seen in the past.

If everything looks in order against your actual bank statement then perhaps contact NOW either via live chat if it's a TV Membership or by phone if it's a Broadband related bill.



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Hi @hdr 

If it's an email or a message by a phone call then don't use this method to contact NOW just in case it's a scam and use the official contact methods on the NOW website (plenty of threads on the Community on how to officially contact NOW).

Do you need the official contact details?

Or if you are happy with that payment has definitely gone through are you going to ignore the message?