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Account Hacked

Just to add to other people woes regarding account hacking, mine was hacked the other day. First on Sunday the 22nd November I was charged for a Sky Sports day pass and then the next day for a Sky sports month pass. Some £44 worth of crap I do not watch and did not select.

I contacted NowTV the only way I could via the complaints email as the live chat does not seem to work and I get a page saying "just like Unicorns this page does not exist". Basically they were not interested and blamed it on my bank account being hacked which was not. Despite several emails they just would not help let alone give me my money back.

I decided that I was now leaving NowTV and got a better deal elsewhere so I phoned the Broadband dept at NowTV only to be told that the button for live chat does not work and only connects you to a computer. The operator said he would send me a link to a real life person so I could get my money back and was not a problem with that only to find the link he sent did not work. So beware!

Bloody crap the whole Company so I'm off.

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Scholar 3

Re: Account Hacked

Bit late now but two things to do in the future for any company that insists on providing card details


  1. Always add a payment PIN
  2. Use a Monzo/starling/Revolut card for payment and keep the balance low to just cover the payment

That way you can’t get stung for £34 payments.

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