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getting a new phone line

Hello, I don't know if this is the right forum but I feel like it falls underneath this.

So, I moved into a house im renting for my university accommodation, we have fibre internet from BT at the moment but the bandwidth is not good enough to split between the 3 of us so I have decided to buy my own internet for the next 12 months. 

The thing I wanted to check is when doing the setup for the NowTV Fab Fibre internet, It asks about phone line and I tick "Don't use the active phone line" at my property and then I continue, does this mean that the engineer will install a new phone line so that my housemates internet doesn't get disturbed? I'm also asking this because there is no extra cost on the checkout for this which surprises me a lot.

Thanks in advance

- Jake

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NOW TV Team Graham-S

Re: getting a new phone line

Thanks for taking the time to post @JakeRoberts Smiley Happy

Straight to the point here. We're unable to provide additional lines.. We'd need to takeover the current one.

If you were to process that order it would fail Smiley Sad

Hope this helps.

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