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Setting Up Broadband In New Home with Existing NOW TV Broadband

Hi all!


I'm moving to a new flat on Thursday 27/10/22. The previous tenants were with NOW TV and we'd like to continue the subscription. I've tried signing up with NOW TV but it says that the earliest activation date is 4th Nov?


What's the best/most convenient solution here? Appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!

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I doubt that you will get anything sorted at such short notice. I am not sure that NOW even have the facility to switch account holders in the way you suggest. All you can do really is contact the broadband support team directly on 0330 041 2518.

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4th of November is exceptionally fast for what is a cease and re-provide.


If you want to transfer then you will need the current/old occupiers to effectivly hand over their now contract, including any Tv add ons to you, this will invovle a change of card/payment details from them to you, and for them to change the account passwords, contact details etc, as well as seeing if Now can change the bill payers details as well .

 A lot to co-ordinate and a lot that can go wrong - and thats assuming that the old occupants do not want to take any part of their Now account (TV/Phone/Broadband) with them


Each step can take upto ( emphasis on the upto) 14 working days ,

this is how it can work out - in the worst case ( expect the worse and if its faster then its not so bad)

when someone moves they either cancel outright or resume their contract at a new address , at the old address a cease order is put in, this stops the phone service and stops the broadband, if it is what is marketed as "fibre" in the UK then the line will more than likely be connected to a green cabinet in the street - sometimes two, one for voice and one for internet.

 The internet cabinets have devices in called DSLAMS , on one end a copper cable is plugged into a socket called a port that goes to the property , the other end is connected to a fibre optic cable that typically goes to the telephone exchange.

 One issue that can arise with a cease and re provide is that there are only so many ports available in the cabinets, if there is a higher demand than supply then there is a "waiting list" when the port becomes free then the next line on the waiting list can take it, pushing your property to the bottom of the list - one reason why if you change ISP you should always let the new ISP deal with it all ( migrate) and not cancel your old contract.

So with the cease continuing the line  may need to be physically unplugged at the cabinet, and then more stuff at the exchange, for the re-provide the process is reversed.

A cease can take 14 working days, like wise a re provide can take another 14 working days , if you get lucky your order may be added to a list of works scheduled to take place that can speed things up considerably.

If the 4th of November is correct, the  you appear to be in the lucky list.

 In the meantime you can use mobile data / hotspot on your phone , but unless you have a generous data limit i wouldn't stream video to a TV , instead keeping to freeview / live TV ( remember that?) until you are activated.

 one more word of warning, the Now Router isnt that great, and the wifi is appalling, while it works for some it doesn't work for everyone. Dont be surprised if you need to buy and set up your own router .

 The now router also doesnt typically appear until the last few days before you go live - sometimes not until the day itself, unlike other ISPs it will not fit through a letterbox, and someone will need to be in to receive it, if not it  may need picking up from a post office

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@chilli2 Sorry, but what on earth are you on about?


@chilli2 , I understood every word, can't imagine why @redchiz1  didn't.

However, the likelihood of the OP being able to take over the existing contract is very low.

They would probably be best served by choosing a new supplier (or Now if they want) and accepting that a short loss of broadband connectivity is one of the inconveniences of moving.

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So you and @chilli2 are both presupposing that NOW allow a change of account holder? With the suggestion of a quite bizarre and insecure way forward? I preferred not to make any assumptions.

@abyssrogue How are you getting on? Did you contact the support team as I suggested? Otherwise starting a new service on 4 November doesn't seem too bad in the circumstances. 


No, I am not making that assumption.

@Jayach wrote:

However, the likelihood of the OP being able to take over the existing contract is very low.

Just not ruling it out completely.

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Nor did I? So why add the fluff?