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Ping Fluctuating from 30-500ms every 5 seconds

I am on the Now Brilliant Broadband plan, which is already the fastest one available in my flat, my desktop pc is connected to powerline that is connected to the router, whatever game I was playing, my ping would spike up to 300 times every few seconds with very noticeable packet loss which is extremely irritating, this is especially prominent when my family is using the internet at the same time. Sometimes when I am at gaming at home without other users on the network my ping would still stay up to 300ms for half an hour randomly (no downloads whatsoever in the background).  This problem is getting more and more serious after the summer, is this an ISP issue? How could I fix this if it is not. Thank you!

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It's probably due to the powerline. Have you tried directly wired to the router?

Brilliant broadband appears to be ADSL, its never going to be fast, or cope well with multiple users.