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No broadband after activation date and no assistance given

My activation date was 22nd April.

I got several emails leading up to the day informing me a engineer doesn’t need to visit for me to set up and that an engineer is coming and I shouldn’t do anything- conflicting instructions.

the day arrived and I get a text saying an engineer is on site- no one came.


I get another text later saying that my service is now live- nothing.


I set up my router myself and the power and wireless lights are green and the internet light isn’t on.


I phone up and get told it needs to be remotely activated and that will happen by the end of the day at midnight. The guy on the phone says to expect around 6-7pm. I don’t have internet still so I’m under the impression I was told that so they could get rid of me.

the day rolls round and still no internet. 

I tried every phone socket port thing in this damn house and it’s always the same- no internet light, when signed into the WiFi I go through the set up instructions to fix internet with no luck, no matter how many times I  reset. 
I made a phone call just now where I went through the frustrating automated answering service and after saying yes no yes no through it all I get to a guy named Sean/Shaun who is pretending he can’t hear any response from me- I repeatedly answered over and over with no changed dialogue. I put in my airpods to change the microphone and we’re still claiming I can’t be heard.

I checked the website and I was charged yesterday for broadband I don’t have so at this point it feels like a scam.

The website claims I had an engineer visit which never happened (which an email I got claimed wasn’t necessary again conflicting information) 

I don’t have data on my phone anymore and I work from home.


all I have is 10gb of mobile broadband that was meant to sustain me till the broadband goes live and I use 5gb of it a day since I work from home.

very unhappy 



@Wolf09 I’m having the exact same issue - just been on the phone to them they told me I now need to wait up to 5 working days for someone to get back in touch with me when I told them this wasn’t acceptable they put the phone done on me. Absolutely disgusting service. 


@Lpay If I end up topping up my mobile broadband I’m immediately looking into other broadband providers- how are they supposed to maintain a business when they turn away people willing to give them a chance?
Not what I need on my house move. 


@Wolf09 Same here, activation was 22nd but it doesn’t work, got power and wireless lights but no internet. Got the same text that an engineer was on site on activation day but nobody was here.

Also signed up for TV when I signed up for broadband so have been paying for that for 2 weeks but unable to watch without internet.

Managed to get through to someone on the phone fairly quickly after the yes-no nonsense but just been palmed off with please wait 48-72 hours. 

Only went with NOW as options were limited for contract-free broadband. Why are companies so useless at providing the service they are all about. 


@Yorkie8 same, I was with Now when living by myself, my parents are also with Now, no issues, so when my uncle wanted broadband, I set him up with Now. Was suppose to go live 22 April, nothing, called the issued number for address, rings, but phone does not ring...

checked the order, the last part, not completed, the part where it tells you the status of the order, the last part telling you to connect the router etc


@Yorkie8 they have numerous numbers, but having called them all, they are the same, 5 options then depending on what you select, more options. trying to speak to someone is harder than winning the bloody lottery...

went down the cancellation route, finally spoke to someone, was told that I would have to pay the remainder, I hung up, as what I wanted to say was not exactly polite... paid £9.99 for the router, £20 for the first month, 1 day into the contract which the broadband is not live and they expect me to pay the whole year!

I've cancelled my contract, my parents contract ends in July, so I will be moving them to someone else, as for my uncle, if broadband goes live with the next few days, then fine but will defo leave after the year is up, if it doesn't, then I will be cancelling and if they want money, then they will have a fight on their hands.



Someone in Now needs re-educating 😢


Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
Legend 5
Legend 5

@Wolf09 @chrislee @Yorkie8 @Lpay 

Staff from broadband never ever reply on here. See this link.

All I can say is be persistent. Call the broadband team until you’re happy, or switch to another provider?

If it’s any consolation, but only when it’s reported.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

@gavs82008 @Wolf09 @chrislee @Yorkie8 @Lpay 

Auto-compensation for a delayed activation date does not need to be applied for.

Unlike outages, Now know exactly which customers are affected by such delays, and for how many days.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

@gavs82008 finally got through to someone, router now shows all green lights, but no broadband, phone is dead, handset says check phone line. spent ages trying to get through to someone, 1st person I spoke to said they were going to put me on hold, but hung up! rang them back, eventually got to speak to someone else, then spent ages explaining what is happening.

afaik, all 3 green light means broadband is connected, as before the broadband light was orange. sending an engineer out on Friday.

as for compensation due to delay? wasn't live on date they said 22, nor was it live 23, router only showing all 3 green lights today 24th, but still no broadband or telephone, but according to them, the account shows as active on 22...

tbh, not really bothered about the compensation, just want it up and running

depending what happens on Friday, may just cut my losses, cancel Now and go with BT

still not sure what happened with UW, one minute it was working, then next no broadband, logged into UW account, can not apply for broadband, icon for broadband greyed out, but if I logout and pretend I was a new customer, I can have broadband installed... go figure...