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New makeover is just woefully slow

The title just some it up, couple of days ago we had an app that performed well and now since the latest make over its blxxdy awful. Well done to the marketing guys for screwing this up and the testing team for signing it off.

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@Ozie what device are you using?


Roku 4k stick in the living room and the latest Roku sound bar in the bedroom. Both are awful, previous versions were fine, really disappointed looks like beta software that someone has left the logging on, how can this level of quality get signed off for a production release?


Roku Streaming Stick+ (4K/HDR) here and same experience with it being slow. There’s even a delay after selecting something or pressing pause before anything happens. 

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Same here, the most recent update is killing my NowTV box, my YouTube app now crashes multiple times a day while watching videos and breaking out of play mode to the slider to skip forward and back causes the video to get stuck. In general, all of the apps now feel sluggish, including Netflix but YouTube seems to be suffering the most which is a shame as I watch more YouTube content than anything else. I wish NowTV would bring back the old interface where NowTV appeared as a distinct app, the current layout requires far too many key presses on the remote. The new green colour scheme is also a step backwards. The different packs; entertainment, movies and sports once had distinctive colours that made them stand out from one another on the home screen, now they are all the same colour which is a challenge for the visually impaired who depend on colours to navigate. The only welcome change is making live TV more easily accessible by reducing the required key presses to navigate to it - that is, if you happen to want to watch the featured channel at the time. I'm using the 4200SK- Now TV box with software version 9.4.3 build 4091.10. Feel free to roll back this version to the old one!


I'm on the 4k box and everything is slower and jittery 

Even worse than it used to be

Some bits are green and some bits are blue now and it just looks like someone forgot to change the finish the update before they sent it out