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NOW TV Hub 2 TV Interference

Hi All


I am new to NOW Broadband and have set up the router, however as soon as it is switched on (immediately after I flick the power switch) it kills the HD channels (100+ on Freeview) on 2 TVs as well as interference on the SD channels. Switching it off "cures" the issues. 


The router is located downstairs, one room along from the affected TVs. The TV reception is fine normally and I have moved the router around with no success.


Also, changing the orientation of the HUB from flat (kills HD channels) to vertical  kills SD, HD OK.


I have switched off both the wireless broadcasts and also played around with different channels but no joy. It is no where near any other wireless equipment.


I have had a plethora of different routers over the years with no issue at all (with the same TV setup). 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated or is the router faulty?





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Hi @Anonymous User 


No problems with my NowTV Hub 2 on my Philips TV inbuilt Freeview tuner or on my Youview box which are both about 2 metres away from the NowTV Hub 2 Router.


Obviously from your testing there seems to be either interference from the NowTV Hub Router or the power supply adapter / cable connected to the Hub.


Can't offer any suggestions apart from re cabling everything from scratch on both the internet and TV aerial side and keep all cables apart from each other.


When you said you have a plethora of Routers in the past, was you ever on Sky Broadband and if so have you still got the old Sky Router knocking around to test out with NowTV Broadband ?


Otherwise give the NowTV Broadband Team a phone call for further assistance & help.


Have you got their telephone number ?

Anonymous User
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Hi @schnapps 


Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I haven't been with Sky before so I don't have an old router. It just seems strange that the interference occurs instantly after I power on the hub - before it has fully booted up and broadcasting.


I have found their number so I'll give them a call but I can only think a new set of kit would be needed to rule that out as as you suggest the next stop is to re-wire :-(.


Thanks again.



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Hi @Anonymous User 


I would be also tempted to test the Hub 2 Router on a different power socket (maybe temporary run an extension lead for the Hub 2 Router which is on a separate ring main from your Television TV tuner to see if there is any difference).


If you type "Hub Router TV interference" in the Community search box there is about two or three threads with a similar problem .


I have installed three NowTV Hub 2 Routers for myself and two other family members, with no TV interference for three different households.


Hope you get it sorted. 


@Anonymous User  @schnapps 



Hi Fellas


Richard, I think your router is faulty and rather do any re-wiring I would ask Now TV to exchange it for another, after all it's still under guarantee.


I realise that fellow forum member Schnapps has given you some good, but rather involved, suggestions but, personally, I'd take the easier route (no pun intended) and swap the faulty kit out.


I'm guessing that your "new" router has developed a fault, hence the aberrant behaviour, which kinda makes me believe your router may not be as new as expected and could be a pre-loved one (tongue in-cheek).



Either way, good luck



UK Bob



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@ukbobboy @schnapps 


Thanks again for your help. I intended to phone and request a new hub on Monday but surprisingly there were no issues at all that day. I've checked morning/noon/night on both affected TVs every day this week and there have been no issues at all. Nothing I can see has changed (no changes to any other hardware we have/neighbours haven't changed anything etc.).


When experiencing the interference the ping response times to Google ( were around 30-35ms (no load). Since Monday they have been ~15ms. Something must have changed as I haven't touched the router. Would Sky have done some 'tweaking' in the background which was interrupted with me constantly rebooting the hub (testing) and just leaving it alone let that happen?