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Intermittent connection in CF46

For months now, there's been an intermittent connection. It keeps dropping out for between 2 - 30+ minutes at a time, and it's happening throughout the day and night, regardless of peak times. It's making working online really difficult. I've tried resetting the modem, I've checked the connections and the wiring, even checking that the phone wire is still in place (and *that* alone is a story to tell!) but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. The modem isn't that old, so it shouldn't be past it's useful life just yet.

It's really frustrating, especially when I'm trying to get work done. Does anyone know what the heck is happening? 😕

Elite 3

As long as the DSL connection from the router to the master socket is secure, it's probably a line fault, so report it to Now.