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Device Limit

When did the device limit increase to 6, this is amazing and just what was needed. Thank you Now TV.
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schnapps Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Device Limit

Hi @gar_jen 


The new limit of 6 devices now permitted on your account with 3 device swaps allowed each calendar month happend first thing this morning the 26th of March Smiley Happy.


Like you said fantastic news and should free up live chat to help customers with other account related matters.



Scholar 2

Re: Device Limit

@schnapps @gar_jen  Yes I noticed this today,much better to be able to swap 3 devices each month as well, I was waiting for the 1st of April to add a new device but was able to do it today. Brilliant news .


Re: Device Limit

Wonder if they will increase the number of streams now they have allowed more devices. 


I know the help section still states 2 streams at once, making it 3 now is a possibilty and would make it more sustainable. 

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