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Change IP address of router



I am using global protect to connect client application. It was working fine since 3 months but since wednesday it has stopped working. 😞

I have checked with local IT team they suggested to ask ISP for new IP address which NOW suggested to managed using .I tried hard reset on router and also changed ip using lanip using advanced setting in browser ) however the IP is not changed :'( 


Any suggestion/ideas would be much appreciated


Thanks in Advance 🙂


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Re: Change IP address of router



Hi Haresh


Having read through your post, it occurs  to me that this is the type of question that NOW's tech team is suppose to answer and provide "step by step" instructions on how to complete this particular task.


At the moment, I think you've just been fobbed off and left "high and dry".


Therefore, you should contact NOW again but this time asked to someone with the tech knowledge to provide you with or direct you to "step by step" instructions you need to change your IP address.



UK Bob

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