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Cannot Open Ports on Router for WOL


Hi I am trying to port forward my NOWtv hub 2 router. Specifically I am trying to setup WakeOnLan. I have created the address reservation for the PC ( I have created a service for magic packets (TCP/UDP on port 9). I have created a inbound firewall rule to allow forwarding to LAN user WOL is supported by the motherboard and it has been enabled in the BIOS. The PC has been assigned the static IP with default gateway I have added a dynamic dns service under Advanced>Dynamic DNS.


I still can't send magic packets to the PC. On top of this, I have been scanning the other ports I have previously opened on the router and they all timeout. I believe that the issue is that none of the ports are open on the router anymore, I have successfully previously port forwarded this router before and had no hitches, I haven't changed any of the rules since.




Could it be the so called broadband buddy?

 you can change this on the website,  at the top right you will see my account, go to that and then manage account , from there at the top menu you should see  my details and settings then a drop down, for settings and pins


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Just double checked and I still have broadband buddy off, doesn't seem like theres any restrictions active in that section