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I am having issues with my now tv app for youview not streaming movies. Any movie I select plays (counted increases) but no picture or sound is present. I have tried closing the app to restart it and restarting my youview box but nothing is working. This is not restricted in one movie but any including ones I have previously watched.
Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for posting, sorry to hear you're having issues trying to view on your Youview device. 


Does it work like normal when you're navigating through the app and then when you select a movie it goes blank? Can you try a reboot through the maintenance mode if the problem still persists.





Anonymous User
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Now TV box is on but won't put picture on my TV
Legend 5
Legend 5

Which box @Anonymous User? 🙂


White/black or smart? 

Are you getting a purple screen?

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
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