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Now TV Boost - Roku

Hi all,


I usually use now tv with boost on a roku stick. 

been absolutely fine until today when I watched and none of the sports channels are. Dolby 5.1 or 50fps. 

switched on Samsung app and it’s working fine on there. 

anyone know of roku is having issues with boost currently?

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I have the same on my Roku premiere. 5.1 not working but it is of I use the integrated app on my LG TV's. 


Check what version of Roku you have (mine is 10.0) as I know they've started rolling out 10.5 which has upgraded audio features and Now may have been caught out by the update.

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Yes that’s exactly like mine. I’m also on software version 10 currently and now was running fine until just recently. 

all settings are fine on now tv and roku itself but nothing fixes the issue and 5.1 is just not available for now tv currently. 

fact you also have the issue seems there must be an issue somewhere with roku. 

I also noticed that all other devices I have with now tv has a newer app whereas the roku is running latest version available but does not look the same so wonder why roku isn’t getting the updates as quick as firestick or Samsung etc?