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LGTV & Google TV apps not working

Rushed home to watch the football this evening and furious the Now TV app isn't working.


On Google TV the app isn't working, spinning wheel when opening. Tried force stopping the app and the didn't fix the issue. Tried chromecasting from my phone to Google TV and didn't work either, connects then spinning wheel.


Tired the LG app and same issues. I've tried other apps, netflix, YouTube etc and it isn't my internet connection. I'll able to watch via my phone or tablet but this isn't ideal whatsoever.

Looked on now TV twitter account and others with this issue this evening and spoke to a friend with now TV, android phone and Chromecast, he is also having the same issue.

When will this be fixed? Response on twitter to another customer was that this is a known issue now

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Legend 5

Hi @therealhakdaddy 

Who is your ISP ?

Where the only tweet I can see on NOW Twitter Help so far tonight was a customer who was on Virgin and apparently there was a Virgin internet outage this afternoon in the person post code area.

The person on Twitter got it fixed by downloading a fresh NOW App and signing back into the NOW App after the Virgin outage came back online.

Though the person on Twitter was using a Fire Stick.

The Chelsea v Liverpool came is playing fine for me (both on Main Event & Sky Sports Premier League channel) but I am using a Fire Stick.

Also maybe try a re boot on your Router as well if you haven't done it already.


Might have missed the part where i said I've tried other apps and they are working and it's nothing to do with my internet as I'm able to stream perfectly on netflix, Disney etc.


My friend is using a different iSP with same issue.  LG app worked for 1st half and now stopped working again. Streaming via now TV app on my tablet via internet with no issues so it's absolutely nothing to do with the internet and all to do with now TV and the apps on Google TV and LG TV.

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Just tested on my android (One Plus 7T) mobile with Chromecast, LG TV and Roku Premiere. Working fine on all.