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LG Smart tv query


Had a set top box but recently bought a LG Smart tv with app. How do I find live tv on the app? Wanted to watch Sky one tonight and couldn't get it Smiley Frustrated

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Re: LG Smart tv query

Hi @Embostevens

Firstly i don't own an LG smart TV, but would have thought the UI would be similar to the nowtv boxes once inside the NowTV App.

So perhaps try opening the NowTV App, then select entertainment, then once the entertainment section shows on screen, scroll up to Watch Live and click on it, then i would have thought the now & next EPG would show on screen, then just scroll down and click enter on the live channel you want to watch.

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Re: LG Smart tv query

Thank you. I think I've found it but this UI ain't half slow and cumbersome.