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Apple TV and HomePod Sky Sports Adverts

When watching sky sports on my apple tv 4k or apple tv 1080p I have the sound coming out of a homepod, (the issue occurs on hompod mini and the big one), as soon as the adverts comes on the sound cuts out and wont come back until you come out of the app and go back in even when the program resumes after the adverts.


Watching the Play-Offs with the latest update, and it’s finally working! Audio isn’t dropping out when it goes to the advert break!

The app has had a pretty big overhaul, looks like it’s now using Apple’s in built player finally as well.

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This has been a long standing issue that still remains and does not seem to be a priority for the NowTV development and support team. Extremely poor service and development of the app..!!


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I reset everything on my AppleTV App today (June 2023) and the issue appears to have been addressed. So I am thankful that this has been fixed at long last, as up until now I have not been using my HomePod speakers for the NowTV app.