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Content block, says I am in wrong country


My internet provider has recently updated my IP address, and I am now unable to watch live tv or stream any content on any devices (Samsung tv, laptop, iphones etc), as NowTV says I am in the wrong country and need to enable roaming.

I have checked my Internet IP on multiple IP geolocation websites, and all correctly identify my IP address as originating from London, UK. 

I have rebooted my fiber modem, router and all devices, no success. I have reported to my ISP, and they've said multiple customers in the same IP pool are having the same issue with NowTV.

What is going on? Can you please assist, as I am dead in the water, and the kids are nagging me!.

My IP address is in CIDR range




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Your best to you need to speak to staff via live chat. Make sure to click "chat online" within the green box, don't hit "get help quicker" as this is a bot.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @JimB 

Yeah a few people have reported this, but it is also affecting other certain third party streaming services also and not only NOW.

Here's one recent example in the linked thread below.

I am assuming you have tried unplugging the power to your Router for around 30 minutes to let it automatically acquire a new generated Router IP address location ?

You may have to go back to your internet provider and ask them for a new IP address from a different batch that is currently causing an issue. 

Also maybe tag the person in the above linked thread and ask them did it get resolved and if so, how.