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Windows PCs and Laptops - Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us into this handy guide about viewing NOW TV on PC and Laptop.
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Click here for a step by step guide to starting your NOW TV experience
Microsoft Silverlight is the software that allows protected content to be streamed on a PC or Mac.
All NOW TV content on PC and Laptop is streamed in Standard Definition 
Currently we're not able to support subtitles on NOW TV with any device

Currently, there are no Red Button or Interactive services on any device with NOW TV


The good news is we support the use of Windows 8 on NOW TV. Unfortunately we don't support the use of Windows 8.1 with NOW TV on IE11.
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Please see here for some handy tips for resolving silverlight problem
Click here for a nifty guide for resolving buffering issues on PC and other devices
Please make sure you’ve got good quality cables and you don’t attempt to attach or detach while you’re watching NOW TV
To fix any black screen issues, please follow the steps found here
To find out whether you're viewing NOW TV at the maximum quality available, please complete the steps here. 
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Please click here for information on what to do if you receive this message
If you're seeing this message please complete the steps found here
Please download and install the latest driver updates provided by your manufacturer.
Microsoft Silverlight must be enabled to watch NOW TV on a PC. Please see here for further help
You can fix this by checking that your antivirus, firewall and internet security products are up to date
For further help with NOW TV on PC or Laptop, please visit NOWTV.COM/HELP or post your query on the NOW TV Community.