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Ubuntu support - 2022


Would like to be able to use Now TV on my (Ubuntu) Linux devices so I can watch when I'm upstairs.  At present it seems you only support Windows & Mac.  Are any changes planned in this direction?  I appreciate a Linux player would only get used by about 1% of your user base, but in general once these apps are completed, they only require minor tweaks over the years to keep them running. 


Alternatively, if you don't want another app version to maintain, could you at least tweak the Windows App so that it runs fine using "Wine" in Linux?

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Snaps and/or Flatpak would allow NowTV (and Sky) developers to package up their proprietary player software for use on Linux devices, and mean that they only need maintain a single, containerised Linux app.

Either would be simpler for a lot of users to install than via Wine. I'm not sure that Now not Sky have the appetite to do so though. Pretty disappointing for those of us who have had most sports stolen away from us by Sky, and hidden behind this inaccessible paywall.

This has led to situation where some people I know (and their teenage children) find the only way they can access Sky Sports is via pirated streams.