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Wow u guys! I just needed a quick answer and u straight up confused me with all ur multi directing nonsense. Like u was sending a mouse Into a maze for some hidden cheese at the end that wasnt even there!! I Couldnt even find a valid email address to message you guys! . Hear me out! I've only got a simple question! Flipping heck! So much effort! Ur lucky I'm drunk! Any hows about. When are u gonna add extra apps like Disney plus and there's another that I cant think of that i tried to add but cant remember. .. I'll get back to u on that one! Anyway I really wanted to watch a disney film that everyones raving about and could do with a boost at this time of distraught and isolation. Like I've gained some lbs just from staying in and drinking so need something to distract me more! and after watching all your disney films and animations countless times I fancy watching maybe an old classic Disney or new one depending where the mood might take me. BUT!! (Yes that is quite a big but) (__!__) X-D <---- anyway i got distracted... but *giggles* an app isnt available for that. Now I'm a true nowtv fan! So was quite upset that this isnt available to download or to download any other apps for that matter. I HOPE you can review this and make me happy. Thank u and goodnight!  Can people even download stuff? Or just from what u have available?? 

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Wow. Me again... as soon as I put an episode on my tv spasmed out!

Was... that... you... nowtv???? 

Should I apologise pmsl!