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Previous pass expires today. Unable to apply new pass as NowTV assigned me a new Offer?

So I have an existing pass that expires today. I have been trying to apply a new two month voucher but have been unable to with the message that I am on an existing offer, and cannot apply this pass until that offer expires. It seems I was forced onto a new 6 month reduced price offer from Now TV, which starts upon the expiry of my current pass, and as a result of which, I am unable to apply my new pass.


I spoke to Live Chat about this three weeks ago, and they  assured me that they had cancelled the offer, and that I would be able to apply my voucher once the current pass expires. So far today, I am unable to apply the new pass. 


So now unable to apply my pass, no Live Chat and no telephone contacts (understandable) either. I will try applying my pass again tomorrow, but since when did NowTV start to force people into new offers, whereby they couldnt use their own vouchers?  Also, is there any way to opt out of this? 


I feel a little bullied into this situation, and not particularly impressed. 


Anyone else experiencing this? 


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Hi @Nmpnmp 


Myself no, but there are a few threads and posts about this on the forum.


Here's on example in the link below. 

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I have the same problem. Had it when my last pass expired and the same again now. Last time I had to contact them to sort but obviously can’t this time. I would rather apply the passes as it still works out cheaper than the reduced offers. Wish when the offers were sent you had the option whether to accept or not.  As thing are at the moment I’m guessing I’m going to have to pay monthly until I can once again contact them