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Mobile Device Pass not showing up on my Mobile Device

I have just used a subscription key for a mobile Sky Sports pass and it didn't show up on my phone app. It says on there I need a pass -hmmm. In the billing section on the phone it says I have a pass and payment will be taken in a months time. Logged in and out both on phone app and still no working Sky Sports Mobile Pass. Used another code, it now says on laptop that the Sky Sports Pass will start in a month's time and again no access on my phone...

The account on the laptop shows in billing both codes from today's date, so in essence I should be getting two months back to back free service and yet I still can't access the Sky Sports major channel as I should be able to. Any help would be great.

I've used Sky Sports Mobile Pass in May and June so surprised it's not just reshowing on my phone.


Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Bit of a long shot, have you tried deleting the NowTV App off your phone and then download a fresh NowTV App from your phone's App Store.


Then play one of the five permitted channels with a Mobile Pass which is Sky Premier League, Action (NFL), Arena, Racing (Horses) or News.