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Code won’t activate

I’ve tried adding a code on the entertainment part of the passes. It’s says it won’t allow me to add the code cos I’m not in the last 30days of my offer. It is due to run out on 6th November so it clearly is. The only thing I can see is that now tv want to offer me a £9.99 per month which I don’t want. I do I get rid of their offer to put my pass code on? Any help would be great. Thanks



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Where did you get the code? And is it definitely an entertainment code?


Bets thing to do is to cancel the entertainment pass, and apply the code in 3 days time.  Assuming it is still valid in three days time.

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Please help my code will not activate I was given a 2 month entertainment pass and a 2month cinema pass but it will not accept the code it’s new and not expired please help!