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no nowtv that I've paid for!

I have spent hours ( 3 to 4 ?) today “chatting” with 4 nowtv customer advisors.  The result is that I have no Sky Sports TV and will have none until my contract ends in a few days.

My nowtv stick started playing up on about the 5th Aug, taking upto 30mins to latch up to Sky Sports.  This morning I wanted to watch the cricket so I started chatting to the first of the 4 customer service “helpers”.  I was eventually told to press the reset button on the nowtv strick.  Annoying I had managed to get Sky Sports on my TV after about an hours wait.  When I tried to re-log on to the nowtv system I couldn’t.  I chatted with a further 3 advisors, changing passwords, etc., before being told that the stick had to be replaced and a new one would be sent!  I’ve only been with nowtv 3 weeks!

So I’ll be missing the Sky Sports TV I’ve paid for this weekend.  Nowtv don’t seem to give a fig?

PS  I was promised the first month free (I still have the email) but of course nowtv have charged me £30 for TV I’m not receiving.