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Broadband Activation

Hello, I am in the process of leaving another broadband provider and interested in NOW broadband. My current broadband ends on the 2nd Aug and i would like to activate the NOW broadband on this date. When going through the order i am given one date a...

Resolved! Payments

I appear to be paying 3 different amounts to now but can't find out why? £9.99 & 5.99 & 3.99.I have had trouble also with voucher codes 

Request for new router.

Months ago when i started with Now TV broadband i accidently rejected delivery of the new router believing it was something else, i found a crappy old Now tv router i had used before and the password was scarped off, after hours of fiddling about and...

Automatic login, Windows app and chrome?

Why am I not automatically logged into NOW when I press the "Let's go" button on the windows app? Is there a setting that I've missed.When I use Netflix, Amazon etc. no additional login is required.Problem is, I keep searching for stuff, without firs...

Poor broadband for months

Hi.. Been with Now for broadband for several months and have had nothing but poor speed via openreach.  Openreach tell me there is rein interference in the area and they can see loads of error then tell now its fixed. Waited 3 weeks after 3 engineers...

Charged twice

Hiya.. I've been charged twice for cinema pass twice in 1 month.. can you help??

Blank screen

Payment taken yesterday but no Now tv either last night or this morning. I am using a Firestick and have never had a problem.  They say they cannot show my membership details!  Any ideas?