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Man U v Liverpool

Hi everyone,  I had bought a monthly pass for the football and was scheduled to end on the day Man U played Liverpool. I did not renew after that. Seeing that it was postponed do I still get to watch that one match for free? Or will I be compensated?...

Resolved! Now firestick LIVE tab

Hi, Does NowTV integrate with the firestick live TV tab?  I understand that rivals such as TVPlayer have this ability. Best, El Tel

Resolved! Scam Phone Calls are doing the rounds again

Dear Forum Members Due to Corona and most people staying indoors, the phone scammers are back and doing the rounds. It's obvious that this pandemic has given the scum bags fertile ground to try and sow their lies and cons, so don't fall for those pre...

ukbobboy by Legend
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Resolved! Now Stick

Can anyone helpMy Now Stick has stopped working, I have tried it in different HDMI ports and a different TV but it is just not being recognized by either TV.I have tried the reset button as suggested in the troubleshooting, unplugged it, plugged back...

No internet- shocking service

I ordered broadband on 15 April 2021, go live date was 30 April 2021. On my go live date, no one contacted me and I waited for the broadband to work, fair enough. On 1 May 2021 there was no internet. I phoned to find out what the issue was, the gentl...


I need to make a payment on my account but it’s not the full amount that is owed how do I change the amount I need to pay 

Nicholas by Advocate
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TV Licence Fee Scam Email

This is not NOW related, but there is a TV Licence Fee Scam Email doing the rounds at the moment. Just thought i would post this linked article below to avoid anybody being caught out.

schnapps by Legend 5
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boost for £1 offer no longer available

Hi @Simon-J The £1 per month offer for boost (normally £3) offer doesn't seem to be available after I renewed for another entertainment TV (6 months).  Will now TV still still be able to offer me this? Kind regards Matthew 


How do I watch Now on Amazon fire stick??? When I click on Now app it offers a free trial of Now, this is no use as I’m already subscribed to Now??? So how do I get Now to work on Amazon if I’m already subscribed to Now????

Activation code problems.

Can you please help...  I am trying to help my Dad share my account on his apple tv.  He enters my username and password and then it issues the activation code. No matter how many times we enter this, it says we have entered the wrong code, which is ...