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Now tv not working

hi I'm trying to get into my account to cancel a payment ,but it says now tv currently unavailable ,how can i contact them ? Do they have an email or customer service number ?


I cancelled my now TV two months ago and you are still taking payments of me why yes it looks like my account is still active but I cancelled it ?? 

Unauthorised phone use

Has anyone had an issue where there phone bill has numbers they have not called, I have no phone connected but have a bill for over £300 for 10s of premium rate numbers called for hours at a time over a four day period. I say numbers, when searched t...

Tesco voucher

I took now tv in August an was told my Tesco voucher would be dealt within 60 days. It's now nearly 90 days an I still havnt had details!!!

Resolved! Ariel

Do I need a TV ariel to use a NOW TV box? I know it is mainly streaming but does no ariel mean now free channels? We only have a satellite

NowTV stick and remote problems - help!

Hi, I hope someone can help. I've just purchased now TV with the stick. It all set up smoothly and I was able to select the channels initially, but the remote rarely connects and takes ages to connect, navigate and switch over to another channel. Als...