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Using Now TV Stick with existing account

Hope you can help.


I have an existing account that I use through an app on my LG TV.


I want to able to watch now TV on my other Hisense TV (which doesnt support the App) so I'm looking to buy a Now TV Stick with a 2 months entertainment pass. Unless you can suggest something else.


My only question is can I use the Now TV stick with my existing pass and once that has finished can I then use the 2 month entertaimnent pass that I'd get with the Now TV stick?


Many thanks

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Re: Using Now TV Stick with existing account

Yes, you can.


I did exactly this with a new NowTV Stick a few months ago.


Ensure, though, that you sign in on the Stick with your existing account details.


The two-month Entertainment Pass will then go and live with, but be separate from, your existing Pass; and if/when that has less than a month to run, you can Redeem the new Pass, which will cover the next two months after your existing Pass expires, after which you will go back onto the normal payment cycle.


Pretty seamless!

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