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Now tv Stick

Received Stick a week ago; charged Stick with the supplied adaptor for several hours, and have repeated process at least 3 times, and  Reset at least twice, however, I've 2 questions

Q1   Plug in charger and the following happens

Light comes on briefly and it's Red and not flashing - then quickly goes  to White flashing, and has never stopped flashing - what does the light do when fully charged as assume one of the following:

          - stays White but turns to non-flashing mode

          - turns to a different colour [what colour] and either flashes or not [which one]

(also plugged the charger cable into USB after one of the long charges so there was a constant connection - made not difference; just keeps winking away)

Q2   Which ever HDMI port I put my Stick in - my (LG) TV isn't recognising it through the usual search and press route.  3 x  HDMI ports of my LG TV; all of which work with any other HDMI device I choose to put in it.    

So, can anyone please assist. thanking you in advance x

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Re: Now tv Stick

Hi @ctTV_tc2018

The mains adpator plug that comes with the nowtv stick is not a charger (like a mobile phone etc) and needs a constant power supply to work.

I would try leaving the adpator plugged into the stick off the mains power supply and connected to one of the HDMI ports on your television.

Then see if it asks you on screen to " Get Started " and setup with your wifi home network.

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