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Not working

I get to view about two minutes of sport, movies or TV with my now TV stick then I get a green screen and have to switch everything off and then on I am paying for several subscriptions but cannot get to view any of them any help much appreciated thanks oh and I have checked my internet (not now TV) and both signal strength and connectivity is showing as excellent
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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Not working

Hi @Quest1 


I am assuming you have tried all the different HDMI ports on your television with the nowtv stick and the supplied mains power adapter with it ?


Apart from that maybe try a full factory reset in the stick menu under Advanced System Settings to see if that fixes it.


If you got another television in the house have you temporarily tried the stick on a different television to see if it exhibits the same symptoms.


Should both TV's show a green screen with the stick after a short amount of time, then i would say that the stick needs replacing (hopefully under warranty). 

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