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2 sticks one account

Help please i already had one stick and brought another for upstairs but by mistake i used a different email address to the one downstairs. Can i link the 2 together under one email as thye both have different passes on and we would like to be able to watch them up and down



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Re: 2 sticks one account



Hi Angi


The easiest thing to do, to get that second stick on to the first account, is factory reset that second stick so that it reverts to zero, i.e. new status.  Once reset, you can re-register it with your original details.


As for that second pass, you will have to contact Now TV's Live Chat, they will be able to cancel and reissue that pass so it can be added to your original account.


Here's the URL:


Also, that second account will also have to be cancelled so that it does not cause you any trouble in the future.



UK Bob