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50Hz / 60Hz clarification please.

It appears that the new Smart box outputs at 50Hz which is good for NowTV sports content, compared to the older white and black boxes which were fixed at 60Hz output.


No doubt 60Hz video (as found in the Youtube app for instance) will play.


But does 60Hz  play smoothly, or do we now get frame jitter on 60Hz content?


Or to ask another way, is the Smart box "locked" at 50Hz, or does it adjust and output at the correct Hz ? (As for instance even a cheap Bluray player can).



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Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User the NOW TV Smart box only runs at 50Hz


@Anonymous User I can confirm that YouTube videos look fantastic on this box and playback (depending if your broadband is fast enough and if they were recorded at that resolution) at 1080p.