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audio out of sync


so my issue is that on live channels audio is out of sync.

not all the time and not all the channels, but its a constant thing, whenever i go through the channels, i always bump into a few where theres a very slight, but noticeable sync issue and it definitely takes away from viewing pleasure.

this is happening on the 2nd gen. NOW Smart box (non-freeview version), but the same exact issue is happening on the newest roku ultra.

i played around with audio settings on the box (stereo, PCM, dolby, leveling, night mode, etc.) and also my telly, but nothing makes a difference.

by default this box outputs 50 HZ video, by changng display settings, i can go to 4K 60HZ, which also makes no difference to the audio issue.

i would also mention that other apps like BBC, ITV, ALL4 and others all work fine, and i never experienced this audio sync issue other than on NOW live channels (entertainment, cinema, sport).

also, this issue is not present on ON DEMAND content.

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Legend 5


Replied to the other thread

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help