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No 5.1 Surround sound with Now TV Boost

I cannot get any Now content 5.1 surround sound to work on any Now tv content from the older black Now TV box.  It's driving me potty!


I have :

  • An active Now TV Boost with cinema, entertainment and sport  (through BT VIP)
  • An older now tv black box
  • The now tv box connected to a Sony DN1080 AV Receiver that supports Dolby Digital Plus

I have configured as follows :

  • settings->audio->audio mode->"Auto (DD+)"
  • settings->audio->HDMI->"Dolby Digital Plus"

I've rebooted, factory reset, logged out, logged in, tried every setting in "settings->audio" and pulled my hair out.  Whatever happens, whatever I select, when I play Now tv content that is marked as 5.1,  only "linear PCM Stereo" is played through my AV receiver.   Everything else played through the receiver plays fine including other Dolby Digital Plus content.


Bizarrely, if I play 5.1 content through the Netflix app on the now tv box, 5.1 surround sound works perfectly (and it is Dolby Digital Plus just like the Now tv content) !!! 

So, the box is capable of sending Dolby Digital Plus content, it just won't do it for Now content (sky cinema or sky entertainment).  Has anyone any ideas how I can get this working?


Many thanks

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