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No sound on now tv stick

Hi all, I have just recently got a new smart bush tv and bought a new now tv stick and every time I turn the now tv on I have to change the hdmi over for there to be sound. So everyday I am having to keep swapping from hdmi 1 to hdmi 2 to get the sound working. How can I fix this? I have changed the stick and the same thing is still happening! 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


This seems to be happening quite a lot with the nowtv stick and budget TV's reading the forum.


Not sure if i have an answer how to resolve it sorry apart from trying the basic stuff.


Where i would try plugging in the stick to all your HDMI inputs to see if any work, go into the stick menu settings and try all the different Audio settings options.


Go into your Bush TV settings and again play around with both the sound settings and HDMI settings (if there is an option for HDMI profile 1.4 use that setting instead of any others) turn HDMI CEC setting off.


See if using the supplied power adapter that came with the stick instead of your TV's usb port for power makes any difference.


Maybe try a forced software update on the stick by pressing the Home button 5 times, then quickly press the Fast Forward button 3 times, then quickly press the Rewind button 2 times on the stick remote to access the secret hidden menu.


Then undertake a forced software update (update the software even if on the same software version number).


Hopefully other forum members will offer you some further advice & assistance.




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This has helped me all I have to do was turn my cec off thank you for the advice 

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I had no sound on my Now TV stick earlier but after reading some of the suggestions on the forum, I turned the CEC off as Schnapps suggested and it now seems to be working again. Thank you for providing the solution