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Password incorrect

I’m a new customer and try to connect the Wi-Fi on the first day. However, even I got the 3 solid green light after following the manual, when I try to connect the Wi-Fi, it always showed the password incorrect.

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Lizi 

Try holding in the reset button on the rear of the NOW Hub Router for around 15 seconds.

Then make sure from the wifi password Id label underneath the bottom of the Router you type in the wifi password correctly, watch out for O and zeros.

I think from memory all letters are upper case.

Also if you are picking up other NOW SSID Network names from your Router, make sure you select the Network name on the label underneath the bottom of the NOW Router.

If that doesn't work do you have a Laptop with an Ethernet port and an Ethernet cable available? 

Elite 3

If your device support it, try the WPS option.