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Community Manager
Community Manager

New trial

We are on the lookout for early look trialist to take part in our latest trial. The update that we are sharing is an early version of some new updates to NOW TV experience. It won’t be perfect to start with, but we need your help and feedback to get it ready to launch.


The devices that the NOW TV Trial app will be available on are:


  • NOW TV Smart Stick
  • NOW TV Smart Box (with Freeview)
  • NOW TV Smart Box (4K ready with Voice Search)
  • NOW TV Black Box


What is expected?

The trial will run for about 6 weeks but will vary based on the feedback that is received during trial.


Once we are ready to get started, we will push the changes and updates to your device and provide you with full instructions on how to get started.


We will be sending several surveys and polls to capture your feedback that will help the project team to determine whether the app is good enough to launch to all our customers.


We’ll be running a number of prize draws during the trial to win NOW TV Passes and devices.



If you are still interested in taking part, then please let us know by our sign-up survey.

Anonymous User
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I just want OUT of now tv I'm paying for something I don't use

Anonymous User
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Hi, how about the Apple TV app?


I would echo this.


The forum is overrun with people wondering why the current AppleTV app is over 4 years old with no updates, and in its current form basically unusable.


We know that there IS a new version of the app... and it IS available on the Ireland and Italy app stores...


We just dont understand why that universal app, which is already developed and released to the public, has NOT been made available to the UK user base.


Just  brief statement as to why this is is all that is needed.  The silence is not helpful!


Thank you 

Anonymous User
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Hi can someone help me I am trying to find out what to do my now tv stick and cinema pass hasn’t turned up my WiFi has what do I do I trying to fine it on nowtv but can anywhere please help

Anonymous User
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How about you concentrate on getting your existing service working!


@Karl-F Hi, is there anyway to get on the Apple TV trail ? The current app isn’t great, thx 

Legend 5
Legend 5


You will find the email address for the trials team on the second post in the below thread.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Thank You 👍🏽