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Should you unplug your router if you are going on holiday

Should you unplug your router if you are going on holiday for any length of time


I dont, My router stays on 24/7 away from, home or at home (even has a small battery back up ) although it all depends on what you have connected 

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Thanks for your reply. 

I was more concerned about a fire risk but l have it on day and night when I'm at home so l suppose it's the same thing. 👍


@Anonymous User 

If I did that, we wouldn’t be able to answer the Ring doorbell when we are on a cruise abroad, and nor could I arrange for the Hive heating to come back on in time for us to come back to a nice warm house.

Do you have any remote services like that running?

And my internet speed would start to drop off.

But having said that, I have had the power to the router drop out while we were away, and it didn’t take long to build back up to where it was. We needed woollies for a bit, though.

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No l don't have anything like that. I was more concerned about a fire risk. But l suppose it's just the same as leaving it on constantly when I'm at home. 

Thanks for replying. 👍