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Setting up NOW Tv Box

I have an 'elderly' NOW TV Box (Black) Not too sure what the colour denotes....

Until recently the box was working perfectly in the home address when I decided to upgrade to a NOW TV Stick....This also works as expected. In the meantime the Black box was taken to another location, a static caravan  with a view to setting the system up there.

The TV set in the van is about 7/8 years old and is capable of receiving both numerous Tv and radio Channels/Stations.  In the rear of the set is a socket/port which supports the cable running between the Box and the Set. I have also tried connecting an Ethernet cable  between both Box and WiFi Router  with a view that this might solve the issue, it didn't. ...My problem is  is that I cannot get the Box and Tv to 'talk' to each  other ergo I am unable to use the NOW system....I have tried checking through the Settings on the TV for possible guidance but all to no avail, I have also tried 'rebooting' the WiFi Router again with no joy.

I am sure that the Box is working as when the remote is used the lighten the Box flashes but getting both to work together is becoming quite elusive


What am I doing wrong or is it possible that the Tv is not capable of engaging with the NOW Box??? Bye the Bye originally the Box when first purchased some years ago was used with an old Samsung Tv with no issues.....


Advice and guidance if possible please......


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@Anonymous User 

This might sound like a stupid question, is the box connected to the TV via HDMI cable?


Have you tried other cables?



FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi no not stupid at all and yes  one cable from box to rear of set a second an ethernet from box to router


No other cables at this time available...but HDMI cable was working as expected when the Box was put into temporary  retirement....


Thank you



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Hi @Anonymous User 


A flashing white light on the front of the NOW box could be a number of things, such has no internet connection, HDMI problem between your television and box or the box is undertaking a major software update that could take about 15 to 20 minutes.


Are there any message or error code on your television screen when attempting to use the NOW box ?


if the television screen is blank or says no signal or no input source (where i am assuming you have selected the correct HDMI input source on your television).


Then it might be a HDMI or HDMI cable problem (have you got more than one HDMI port on your television and if so try a different HDMi port on the television).


i would say try a different HDMI cable has well, but i doubt you would have a spare HDMI cable in your static caravan.


Also i would go into your television menu settings and see if there is an option to disable HDMI-CEC.


Last resort you could try a full factory reset on your box by holding a pin in the small reset hole on the back of the box when the box is powered up for about 30 seconds.


Then try setting up the box again from scratch and use your existing NOW account login details.